All You Need To Know About Running Boards

All You Need To Know About Running Boards


Running boards have been a regular addition to cars, trucks and jeeps for decades and are widely used even today. They are so seamlessly integrated into most designs that at times you may not even realize that you are using one. If you are looking at adding a running board to your vehicle, but are not sure what to look for or what would work best according to your requirements, read on to find out more. Here are all the basics you need to know about running boards.

What are running boards?

Running boards are foot-boards located under a car or truck's door, extending till the back of the vehicle. They are used to step up and climb in or out of the vehicle. They are usually seen in vehicles that have a high ground clearance, making it difficult to climb in or out directly without the help of an extra step.

Running boards are installed on a majority of vehicles to offer functionality. However, some vehicle owners opt for running boards to customize their vehicle and make it look bulky or to transform its look completely. Running boards can be customized and are available in different materials as well as textured looks for a wide range of vehicles.

History of running boards

There has been a lot of debate as to why these automobile accessories are called running boards. One explanation is that early freight trains used to have strips of metal on top of each freight car. They were used by railway brakemen to move (run) from one car to the other by applying manually operated hand brakes. Once air brakes came into the picture, it became unnecessary to serve this purpose, but the boards were retained to help communicate with engineers using hand signals. Running boards were also used as observation decks. With increased use of radio communication, this function too was also no longer required. In fact, it is now illegal for anyone to climb on the top of operational freight trains.

Before being incorporated into automobiles, running boards were also used to aid climbing in and out of carriages, back in the 17th century. Also, vintage cars incorporated these boards into their design as they had a high ground clearance compared to the automobiles of today.

Running boards now – Materials and use

Today running boards can be seen in SUVs and other big cars, as well as in trucks, trailers and caravans. They are mostly incorporated in the designs of the vehicles that have a high ground clearance. Some automobile owners add a running board to their car or truck for ease of use, especially if they have kids or old people regularly using the vehicle. Some others may add a customized running board just to make their car look good, even though the automobile may not require one.

The most common materials used for making running boards, both factory-fitted and custom ones, are TPO, ABS and aluminum. These materials can be used on their own or in a combination for providing better looks, sturdiness and grip to the board.

Look for the “Made in USA” tag on your custom running board

If you are looking at buying standard or custom running boards for your automobile, go for American companies like Running Boards for Less. Some of the benefits of choosing “Runningboards4Less” which designs and manufactures all of their products in the United States are:

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Whether you are looking for a universal, simple running board or a fancy customized one, keep these few pointers in mind while selecting a running board so that you get a good deal and a genuine product for your automobile.

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