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Fighting For Fuel Efficiency - Trucks

Competing for a Fuel Efficient Truck Market

Fuel efficiency in larger trucks and vans has become a major concern for automobile buyers. As people continue to pay attention to rising fuel prices and the impact that trucks, vans and cars have on the environment, fuel-efficiency has become a primary feature in truck manufacturing and advertising.

Many trucks, vans and large automobiles offer the same fuel-efficient performance that could only be provided by smaller automobiles. This has led to competition among major truck manufacturers to provide the efficient vehicles that buyers demand.

Bringing the Truck Back

One of the most significant consequences of this changing market has been the influence it’s had on truck buyers. Manufacturers have responded by listening to the needs of the market, and have invested in reducing their vehicles’ fuel requirements.

The Ram 1500 is one example, having been called one the most cost-effective trucks in 2014. As manufacturers strive to meet the needs of their customers, fuel-saving engineering has been implemented in producing trucks like the Ram 1500. They can now provide efficient fuel use, while lowering cost and increasing its overall performance.

The truck is the leader in durability and practicality, making it a necessity for contractors, painters, and small businesses that deliver. Truck makers could no longer afford to ignore the demand for fuel-efficiency.

Major automakers are now competing their lines of trucks to a new breed of truck buyers - those who benefit from its practicality, while making a wise and financially sound investment. They have the functionality at better gas mileage.

The Technology Makes it Happen

Technology has been one of the driving forces behind these changes. The large automobile makers recognized the importance of investing in fuel-efficient engineering that would give them an edge over their competitors.

Federal standards for fuel-efficiency have also helped move truck makers towards fuel-saving technology. Legislation and regulation, in an effort to reduce emissions from automobiles, has helped inspire further research for development. As a result, these trucks now offer better mileage than ever before.

Technology such as turbochargers, cylinder deactivation, and direct fuel injection has been utilized by manufacturers to improve the trucks they offer. The RAM truck meets emission standards through its exhaust treatment fluid and its V6 engine and 240 horsepower.

Savings for the Consumer

The competition for fuel efficiency has helped save money for drivers. It’s also contributing to solutions that provide less demand on resources and reducing waste. Purchasing a new truck is an investment if it takes the place of a less-efficient smaller car.

Drivers who shunned larger vehicles as “gas guzzlers” are now taking ownership of these larger automobiles, without worrying about paying for it at the pump. These vehicles can offer practical solutions for large families, and their parents who must often shuttle children from one place to another.

With these new trucks, you no longer have to give up fuel-efficient driving for the sake of maintaining function. The competition among automobile manufacturers, and their cost-saving trucks, benefits all drivers in the end.

As more of these trucks take advantage of fuel-saving technology, you’ll end up saving money with time, while reaping the benefits of their durability.

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